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Tahiti 2005

  • In February, 2005 a scientific party departed from Papetee, Tahiti to sail into the roaring forties and fearsome fifties to hunt for 55 million year old sediment. These are my favourite pictures of more than 300 taken documenting this adventure.
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June 23, 2005


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Ingrid, I was just re-reading the dog basket entry and I needed to tell you... I may one day embark upon sweater knitting and I can assure you I will eventually have two left cuffs myself, so you and I and our warm left wrists will be so happy in knitter's purgatory LOL.

Sure wish I had a knitting magic mom! It sounds like your visits are wonderful and comforting. Hey, whatever's going on there that's bringing you down... well, ok. Here's an idea. Start a new research project all about boobs and their affect on human buoyancy. Then send the booby people out in the water to tread for a few weeks. IT'S JUST A SUGGESTION! hehehehehe


hang in there!


That is a LOT of sweaters. I've yet to make my second one! :)


I have sweater-shelf envy. I never thought I'd say that, but man...

Undergrad boob politics? Part of me really wants to know, part of my feels really bad for you.

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